Bonton Eau de Toilette is New French Perfume for Children 0 to 12 (2014) {New Fragrance for Kids}


French fashion label Bonton which specializes in clothing and lifestyle items for children aged 0 to 12 self-describe themselves as "a concept store for kids and babies." They have launched their debut fragrance called Bonton eau de toilette...

The composition is co-signed by the duo of noses usually operating at the house of Annick Goutal, Isabelle Doyen and Camille Goutal. Their house have a de facto expertise in children's fragrances based on the history of the brand as founder Annick Goutal - now deceased - used to be inspired by her daughter and step-daughter to create perfumes such as Eau de Camille and Eau de Charlotte. Eau du Ciel too is child-like in its tenderness.

Bonton_edt_gd.jpg Bonton edt features notes of neroli, lemon, lemon tree leaves, green galbanum and powdery iris. The scent is said to be both "natural" and "subtle".

The outer packaging for the fragrance is a reference to the fashion of eating in Bento boxes and a tip of the hat to their Tokyo shop.

One of the most popular and well-known perfumes for children in France - also used by adults - is Eau de Bonpoint which represents the eponymous children fashion label co-founded by another member of the Goutal family, Marie-France Cohen together with husband Bernard Cohen; she is a sister of Annick Goutal.

Bonton itself remains in the family so to speak as it was founded by Thomas Cohen - the son of Marie-France and Bernard Cohen - together with his wife Irène Cohen.

It is an extended family business which serves to remind you that the petites filles modèles touch of Annick Goutal, which sometimes recalls the literary universe of La Comtesse de Ségur, is not fortuitous and more explicitly expressed in two other family brands. The father of Annick Goutal was a confectioner so there might be a sense of child-like wonder and candy-store roots that get perpetuated.

Price is 35€ for 50 ml. Smaller sizes seem to be available if you peruse their blog. They offer no obvious information on the minimum age to wear this fragrance.

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