Dimensione Danza The Musical, Opera & Ballet (2014) {New Fragrances}


Italian fashion label Dimensione Danza, which specialises in clothing inspired by ballet and dance outfits, especially the more informal styles such as clothes for warming up, have launched their debut trio of fragrances called The Musical, Opera and Ballet...

Each perfume addresses a genre and a capital-city of the performing arts.

The Musical is associated with New York City, while Ballet is seen in its Paris context and Opera highlights Milan.

Ballet is said to be a delicate perfume with notes of white flowers, citruses, mango, bergamot, pink peony, pink pepper, green woods and musk.

The Musical is offered as mysterious and sensual. It has a solar floral facet with jasmine, a woody one with Cashmere woods, and an ambery one with ambergris, powdery tonka bean and vanilla.

Opera is a tonic hesperidic fragrance with citruses, spices, fruits, amber and musk.

The perfumes have been developed with company Extraordinary Fragrance di Casavatore founded by Pietro Nappi in 2007 which produces and distributes the fragrances of Romeo Gigli, Belen Rodriguez, Sonny Bono, Schuberth and Diadora.

Price: 20€ each.

Via Fashion Mag Italia

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