Paris Hilton With Love (2014) {New Fragrance} {Celebrity Perfume}


Paris Hilton will launch her 17th fragrance to date called simply With Love. It's reportedly a love letter addressed to her fans, written with the help of perfumer Harry Fremont of Firmenich...

Paris has always been vocal about her deep love and appreciation she holds for her fans Her newest scent is a WITH LOVE, PARIS HILTON BRAND SHEET appreciation she holds for her fans. Her newest scent, is a very special and personalized gift to her loyal fans around the world. A beautiful and exclusive piece of Paris, just for them.

The French nose and New-Yorker by adoption Harry Fremont said that he composed the new fragrance by asking Paris about some of her favorite scents from the real world and then made it his job to translate those olfactory preferences into the language of perfumery.

I wanted to incorporate some of her favorite scents, blending them precisely with ingredients that capture her essence

Paris_hilton_with_love_2.jpg This is a method which is commonly used by perfumers to try to understand the perfume personality of a client. If the person in question is not self-aware enough, they can make them smell a range of pure scents to try to determine which ones make someone go "wow!" on an instinctual level. It might sound a bit daunting to proceed this way as olfactory preferences are random and linked to biography and might end up smelling of cacophony, but somehow noses can manage to blend harmoniously disparate loves.

In Paris' case, her favorite notes seem to make sense as a slightly green fruity floral with a musky sillage. With Love EDP opens on top notes of green apple, vibrant bergamot and kiwi followed by a heart of wild jasmine, petaly orchid and lily of the valley, or muguet. The base features soft modern woods and a decadent trail of musk.

Prices are $45 for 1.7 fl oz. and $55 for 3.4 fl oz of eau de parfum.

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