Philosophy Peaceful Harmony Searches for Beautiful Balance (2014)


Philosophy have introduced a new fragrance called Peaceful Harmony, which is meant to help you look for and find "beautiful balance"...

What is it: peaceful harmony is philosophy's new fragrance that is an extension of you at your best, with your head and heart coming together in harmony. Balance is beautiful.

Who is it for: Anyone who likes a clean, floral fragrance or who wants to feel well balanced and in a state of harmony.

Why is it different: This clean, floral fragrance represents the harmonious balance that celebrates the exact moment when your head and your heart are aligned. It's simply loving the life you've lived and the choices you've made. Balance is beautiful.

The eau de toilette opens on head notes of Neroli and Citric notes followed by a heart of Iris, Lily-of-the-valley, and Lotus while the base has Musk, Moss, and Cedar Wood.

Price is $46 for 2 fl. oz. Available on QVC.

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