Britney Spears Rocker Femme Fantasy (2014) {New Fragrance} {Celebrity Perfume}


American pop singer Britney Spears will launch a central-America and South-America-exclusive fragrance, in the beginning, called Rocker Femme Fantasy, a new addition to the Fantasy family...

The celebrity commented on her Facebook page - but then the comment got deleted,

Brazil and Latin America! Be on the lookout for the amazing new fragrance Rocker Femme Fantasy - you are all the first to try it before the rest of the world!

Britney_spears_rocker_femme_fantasy_TSS.jpg The floriental-gourmand eau de parfum housed in a fuschia pink and black version of the original Fantasy bottle opens on notes of blackberry liqueur and coconut cream. In the floral heart, violet, gardenia and jasmine mingle. The base warms up the perfume with amber, musk, cashmere and vanilla.

It is the first time that the singer uses the word "femme" to delineate the personality of one of her fragrances, which might indicate a sense of maturing.

Another pop icon, Shakira, is launching a new fragrance this fall under the influence of rock 'n roll called Rock! by Shakira.

To be noted also is the fact that British pop group One Direction have a new fragrance out only for the Brazilian market called For You.

Other perfume labels which are rocking this fall are Jesus del Pozo Halloween Man Rock On and to a lesser extent, or at least in a subtler fashion, Varvatos Oud.

Britney Spears has experienced enduring popularity with her fragrance license developed with Elizabeth Arden since the first Fantasy in 2005 which succeeded her debut perfume Curious. It is one of those celebrity fragrances which are recognized for their perfumery qualities rather than for just the amount of publicity they are able to generate.

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