Agonist No.10 White Oud (2014) {New Perfume}

Agonist_white_oud_no.10.jpeg Swedish niche perfume house Agonist have launched a new opus called No.10 White Oud...

"When dark meets white. The fantasy of an OUD from the north."

According to Diary Directory, because this is their 10th fragrance, the brand decided to symbolically include 10 ingredients which are listed on the front of the bottle in an apparent departure from the tradition of secrecy of the perfume industry.

Looking more closely at the olfactory explanations however, it turns out that you do have to break down the "white musk" for instance into "a mixture of three different musks", which is standard practice due to whidespread musk anosmia to one or several types of musks among the populations.

Transparency is valued as the "oud" note is explained also as resting on an accord of Cypriol, dry woods, leather and suede - they actually prefer to call it "Accord Cypriol".

Fragrance notes are: ylang-ylang, lily of the valley, May rose, violet, patchouli, tonka beans, white musk, accord Cypriol, woody amber.

Price: 125€ for 50 ml.

Clinique have also a new oud-y perfume called Aromatics in White which follows the same line of inspiration of white-washing the normally dark and tenebrious oud to make it feel snowed-in, fluffy and downy.

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