Infragranti Parfumeur 179-001 [Informal Scent] (2014) {New Fragrance} {Men's Cologne}


Courtesy photo via Infragranti Parfumeur

Italian and Florentine niche perfume house Infragranti Parfumeur founded by nose Michele Marin has launched a new men's perfume called 179-001 [Informal Scent] in their Spectator collection...

The new composition by Marin is a vetiver perfume skewed masculine in principle,

Spectator - Eau de Parfum

Interpret the ethereal research of Spectator, the informal texture and design. Get in touch with the gentle care in An Teok's formal research to break classicism up and in the attempt to free the informal.

179-001 Informal Scent, Informal Man, Informal Vetyver.

Get through the sartorial cut stages to reassemble with care the informal essence of a shape.

Melt Vetyver earthy weft to paint with resolute hand its thickness and poetic depth. Tie again thread of harmony in chord of lavander and rosmary. Handle with care the counterpoint of Styrax and Ceder to free earth root and decompose it in a timeless transparency.

Observe in suspense, blinfold, the strenght of a shining kaleidoscope.
179-001 Informal Male Essence.

Michele Marin explains in his autobiography on his site that he first fell in love with Jardins de Bagatelle by Guerlain, which led him to become infatuated with perfumes in general.

When you create a vetiver perfume, there are a few unavoidable references like the vetiver by Guerlain or Givenchy Vetyver, unless you managed to escape those influences, somehow.

Notes include lavender, rosemary in the top followed by Brazilian vetiver and Haitian vetiver. The base features notes of styrax, musk and cedarwood.

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