Annick Goutal L'Île au Thé Takes Inspiration from the Island of Jeju in Korea (2015) {New Perfume}


Annick Goutal will launch a new, unisex perfume from April 2015 called L'Île au Thé (Tea Island), which is inspired by the volcanic island of Jeju in South Korea, a riviera spot reputed for its sub-tropical climate and scenery...

Artistic director Camille Goutal and perfumer Isabelle Doyen travelled to the island in search of olfactory inspiration as they customarily do for a number of their fragrances. They were struck in this case by the contrasts emanating from the fields of mandarin trees, the sea, and the hills covered with leafy tea bushes.

The eau de toilette is said to feature four main accords: the white musks evoke the softness of white sand; the mandarin blossoms and pulp are sparkling and luminous; the osmanthus is apricot-y and velvety; the absolute of tea is green and vegetal-y promoting well-being.

To be noted is the fact that another French perfumer, François Demachy, was featured in the news in 2009 for travelling to Jeju in search of olfactory inspiration.

Annick Goutal have been repurchased by the Korean Amore Pacific Group in 2011 with a view to expanding the brand in Asia. It looks like L'Île au Thé is a logical step in that direction, as well as being an artistic endeavor given the niche signature of the house and their expertise in citruses; L'Eau d'Hadrien, an hesperidic opus, is their best-seller.

The ribbed flacon is meant for women. It will be available for 79€ for 50 ml and 104€ for 100 ml. The square-shouldered one is destined to men. It will be available for 98€ for 100 ml. There will also be a scented candle, 55€ for 210 g, housed in a white biscuit jar.

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