Solinotes Fleur d'Iris & Fleur de Figuier (2014) {New Perfumes}

Solinotes_2014.jpg In 2014, Solinotes a French brand of affordable - and sometimes irresistible - fragrances launched two new perfumes called Fleur d'Iris and Fleur de Figuier...

The compositions target the mass-market but are not all equally largely distributed. For instance in this case, while Fleur de Figuier can be found rather easily on Monoprix drugstore shelves, Fleur d'Iris we have yet to see in the flesh.

Update on 02/03/2015: Fleur d'Iris is now available at Sephora France, including on their website.

The fragrances are meant to be worn alone or layered.

Fleur d'Iris is described by the mothership brand Parfums Corania as a perfume of contrasts revealing a seductive feminine character. Its notes include: mandarin, angelica, iris, violet, incense, musk, heliotrope, teck wood, tonka bean.

Fleur de Figuier is labeled as a fruity-floral with vegetaly accents.

Iris is a floral emblem of luxury in perfumery so it is interesting a priori to see how they are proposing to create a more democratic proposition, reminding you of the likes of Tropical Iris by Jovan.

They advise layering Iris and Vanille for a LBD effect if this is your style, or to layer Jasmin and Figuier if you're more a child of the 70s.

In 2013, they introduced Fleur de Cerisier and Fleur d'Oranger.

SMRP is 9,90€/11,90€ for 50 ml of eau de toilette.

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