Juliette Has a Gun Gentlewoman (2015) {New Fragrance}


Photos © Sonia Sieff (reworked for illustrative purposes by TSS due to a technical constraint)

French niche brand Juliette Has a Gun launched a new fragrance called Gentlewoman described as a "Gentleman's cologne" dedicated to women...

The new composition has reportedly no further ambition than to offer a balanced and qualitative fragrance experience, albeit a slightly "regressive" one, a term used to characterize perfumes reminiscent of childhood sensations in fragrance lingo.

The main perfumery idea here was to offer a twist to the classic eau de cologne structure by inserting an almond facet.

"A simple formula, in which the main attention has been brought to the quality of the ingredients, rather than the complexity of the formula. Gentlewoman is an androgynous, luminous and reassuring fragrance."

Main notes are neroli, bergamot, almond, orange blossom, woody musks.

Via press release

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