Andy Tauer Tauerville Rose Flash is his Most Luxurious Rose So Far... & Cheapest (2015) {New Perfume}


Courtesy photo © Luckyscent

Independent Swiss perfumer Andy Tauer is introducing a new collection of limited-edition fragrances at a more accessible price point, which is dedicated to perfume lovers called Tauerville, whose first entry is Rose Flash...

The scent is said to be "a stunning rose, rich, oriental, gourmand."
Perfumer Andy Tauer said,

"I want ROSE flash to be experienced as a complete scent and not picked apart into individual notes and analyzed down to its bones.

ROSE flash is the most luxurious rose that I have created so far. In its roll-on format, I look at it as a little gift from tauerville; a perfume for my rose loving friends.

This rose is here to share the joy and fun I had in my lab exploring rose petals."

Concentration is at 20%. Available from with shipping restricted to the US and Switzerland "for logistics reasons". Luckyscent carries the 30 ml version as well.

Prices: $31 for 10 ml and $63 for 30 ml.

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