Molinard Rose, Jasmin, Vanille, Patchouli Eaux de Parfum (2015) {New Fragrances}


Molinard Est. 1849 have launched four new fragrances called Rose de Molinard, Jasmin de Molinard, Vanille de Molinard and Patchouli de Molinard which are said to be "exalted" eaux de parfum versions of their "Elements" range...

rose_de_Molinard.jpg Rose de Molinard is described as a sensual and voluptuous rose betraying a "mysterious simplicity" of character. It is like "a return to the Dolce Vita."

Jasmin de Molinard is "the expression of nature which is poetic, delicate and luxuriating." The jasmine soliflore is said to be powdery.

Vanille de Molinard is both gourmand and transgressive. It is a "veritable sensory journey."

Patchouli de Molinard is "infinitely sensual and addictive." The woody oriental chypre, which is unisex, is said to be a true tour de force, offering an authentic Molinard signature.

Price: 59€ for 90 ml as an introductory offer vs. 83€. A home fragrance accessory of the same perfume is offered too until April 9th, 2015.

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