New 3 Am P. Diddy Fragrance Commercial is Violent & Macho {Perfume Images & Ads}

3_am_sean_john_2.jpg As announced previously, Sean John Combs P. Diddy, is releasing a new fragrance called 3 AM. The commercial directed by Nabil Elderkin has been rejected by both national and cable TV channels in the US due reportedly to its raciness - I would argue that what's far more disturbing and visible is the ideology of violence in couple relationships as well as blatant machism it reveals...

We've all seen naked people. We've seen couples demonstrating physical love. What we may choose to think is less natural is the staging of a fascination for violence and a machist outlook on women, Cassie Ventura here, the music mogul's girlfriend. This leads P. Diddy to expound on his "philosophy" of love which does not make any sense, even when you re-read it twice,

"I think if people hear about the video, they're going to hear that it's racy and provocative, but I also think they're going to hear people say that it's beautiful.

He then adds,

"That whole interaction has nothing to do with sex as much as it has to do with love."

And here's for the nonsensical conclusion, which is supposed to mean something,

"My concept is that love is the new sexy."

Oh, really? "the new sexy"? "love is the new sexy"?

I think we should not watch this commercial and think it's just being too racy for mainstream TV.

The real problem is that P. Diddy sounds self-satisfied and at ease with his machist staging of a much younger mistress who is naked while he keeps on his tuxedo suit. She wears chains. Then, there is this promotion of violence in relationships between men and women, implicitly, which is really not something to make light of in a society, the American society, which is suffering more and more from the banality of violence and arbitrary aggression as the new normal.

Via; Huffington Post UK

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