Land Over Sea Soleil & Surf (2015) {New Fragrances}


Anthropologie have released a limited-edition duo of fragrances for summer called Soleil and Surf under the label Land Over Sea...

The two eaux de parfum are meant to be both fragrant and beautifying to the skin,

"Land Over Sea is a limited-edition collection of warm weather beauty essentials made exclusively for Anthropologoie [sic]. Fragrant notes of sea salt, coconut and sandy dunes enliven aloe-infused, hydrating skincare products that epitomize the ideal of an endless summer,"

Surf is "a light blend that conjures sea spray, sand, saltwater taffy and coconut."

Soleil is "an airy invocation of sun-warmed dunes, beach rose, summer cotton and suntan lotion."

Despite the casual attitude inherent to this genre of perfume, they are offered in more concentrated eau de parfum form, which means that the products are equally fragrance-conscious as well as beauty-conscious. You might have expected a more lightly scented beach fragrance.

The bottles offer a retro atomic-era flair.

Price: $28 for 1 fl. oz.

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