Miller Harris Cassis en Feuille (2015) {New Fragrance}

Miller_Harris_Cassis_en_Feuille.jpg British niche fragrance house Miller Harris launched a new fragrance called Cassis en Feuille...

A tag line of sorts teases "The rambling vines and bountiful fruit of a forgotten garden."

The blend explores the contrast of sweet and acidic. Perfumer is Lyn Harris.


Bergamot from Italy, galbanum, blackcurrant


Geranium from Eygpt, tomato leaf


Cedarwood from Virginia, musk

Le Bon Marché, which are selling it in Paris, add that there are impressions of ripe peach, red fruit tart as well as list additional notes of roses and musk.

Price: 139€/100 ml; £65/50 ml - £95/100 ml.

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