Mäurer & Wirtz Launch Sensitive Skin Care with Updated Tabac Gentlemen's Care (2015) {New Fragrance} {Beauty Notes}


German company Mäurer & Wirtz will introduce a new fragrance for men called Tabac Gentlemen's Care together with a grooming range for sensitive skin. The launch shows the increasing synergy between beauty and fragrance revealing that the place where you are most likely to spritz on perfume is the bathroom rather than before a vanity table...

The new eau de toilette, which also aims to prolong the success of the original Tabac fragrance (1959), an iconic scent for the brand and men's perfumery, somehow conveys the idea that an update would be welcome.

The fragrance opens on top notes of orange, pear, and ozone leading to a heart of lavender, cardamom, violet leaves, while resting on a base of sandalwood, ambergris and cashmeran.

The new scent is less spicy hot, fresher and incorporates a fruity note of pear, a sign of updated masculinity. While we're on the subject, remember that Michael Douglas loves to wear Petite Chérie, which a has a central note of pear?

Via Cosmoty.de

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