Goldie Hawn Goes to Galimard {Celebrity Fragrances}


Actress Goldie Hawn while visiting the seaside city of Cannes in the south of France last Friday decided to pay a visit to old perfume house Galimard Est. 1747 located in the capital city of perfumery materials and multi-generational perfumers, Grasse...

The reason was that she had been reportedly hankering for a long time for a personal signature perfume. She went in for a session at Studios de Parfums Galimard where she met with the boss, Chantal Roux. The CEO said that the actress had been literally dreaming about it.

The result is golden: the Goldie blend is a mix hitting on three main notes of bergamot, a fruity rose and jasmine. This sounds pretty close to the gilt, luminous personality of Joy by Jean Patou.

Via Nice Matin

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