Barbour International for Him & Her (2015) {New Perfumes}


Barbour International will launch a debut her-and-him perfume duo in October 2015 called Barbour International for Him and Barbour International for Her...

No information on the blends has been released so far except that we can read the men's version is an eau de toilette.


Captain Phillips in a Barbour motorcycle jacket during WWII


Actor Steve McQueen in a Barbour Motorcycle Jacket


Barbour X Triumph Today


Barbour for Her Today

The fashion label defines itself like this,

"Barbour International has represented the thrill of motorcycling since 1936, and these biker-inspired menswear collections celebrate that legacy with style and authenticity."

Its other branch, Barbour, which is more countryside and gentleman farmer in spirit, will follow suit with a duo of her-and-him perfumes too in February 2016. They will be called Barbour Classic.

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