Sensai The Silk EDP & EDT - Standing at the End of a Beauty Ritual (2015) {New Perfumes}


The Silk eau de parfum © Sensai

Japanese cosmetics brand Sensai have launched their debut fragrance in two concentrations called The Silk eau de parfum and The Silk eau de toilette...

Today, more and more beauty brands are bringing their sensibilities, culture and traditions to the development of fragrances,

"Silk and fragrance have long been entwined in Japanese culture. In earlier days, silk garments were imbued with aromatic blends, which would fuse with the warmth of the skin to release a sensual and inviting scent. Both men and women took pleasure in this intimate tradition, and silk and fragrance were inseparable for the creation of a truly personal scent.
SENSAI's first fragrance, SENSAI THE SILK, is a modern day interpretation of this traditional olfactory wisdom."

marie_salamagne.jpg The compositions are signed by perfumer Marie Salamagne of Firmenich who explained in a video interview also that she wanted to craft the sensation of a modern form of sensuality, full of restraint,

"What is really unique about this fragrance is the alliance of tradition with modernity. Tradition is expressed through amber, which is an emblematic substance that has a strong presence but also a tenderness. The modernity comes from a feeling of lightness that flows through the amber and bestows it with transparency and softness."


The Silk eau de toilette © Sensai

The central silken accord rests on a work on expressive and eloquent textural ingredients to the nose,

"The two elements that contribute the most to the image of silk are orchid and pink pepper. "Sharry Baby Orchid" brings a lightness to the fragrance and its texture, while pink pepper adds a sparkling effect that feels almost iridescent. It is the chemistry between these two elements that transmit the image of silk."

The composition has been metaphorically divided into three layers of "veils" instead of the usual olfactory dividing into a pyramid with top, middle and base notes.

The "first veil" was woven with bergamot, pink peppercorn, pear and violet leaf. The "second veil" has threads of peoney, amber, orchid and lily of the valley. The "last veil" was textured thanks to tonka beans and a "specialty musk."

Differences in the concentrations are expressed in terms of overall differing personalities. The The Silk eau de parfum is described as "A sophisticated and intimate fragrance, whose aromatic notes are brought together by a sensual amber accord that caresses the skin like silk."

The The Silk eau de toilette is more delicate but also more sparkling, which is usually what an edt can express. It is "A delicate and radiant fragrance that sparkles with violet leaf and evolves into a bouquet of white flowers, while sensual hints of amber caress the skin like silk."

Gwënael_Nicolas.jpg The flacons were created by designer Gwënael Nicolas who took inspiration from the organic form of a silk cocoon, imagining that it is held in the hand as the final touch of a beauty ritual while feeling so natural that it disappears into the body and being of the person - a little one might muse like a cream melting into one's skin and body creating an impression of well-being.

Prices: £100 (50 ml edp) and £80 (50 ml edt).

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