Lush Tramp, Snow Fairy, Lord of Misrule, Frozen, & 29 High Street (2015) {New Perfumes}

Lush_Holidays_2015.jpg Lush are introducing five new scents for Holidays 2015 called Tramp, Snow Fairy, Lord of Misrule, Frozen & 29 High Street in the Lush Kitchen collection. Some of them are refined perfumes of eponymous bath products, or like 29, is the very smell of a Lush store, mixed with the air of Poole, apparently...

Lord of Misrule is,

"A naughty blend of patchouli and Fair Trade Ugandan vanilla, sweet enough to knock your socks off. A pinch of black pepper adds spice and cheekiness for ripples of rich, herbal fragrance. This utterly mischievous blend is sure to leave you smitten."

Tramp is described as,

"A patchouli and oakmoss blend worth going to the ends of the earth for. Just one spritz will take you to the depths of the forest, shrouded in mist and leaves. Cloak yourself in a canopy of green, herbal spices and deep, sexy base notes."

Frozen is meant to shield you from an all too cruel world,

"If your day's felt like a series of doors in your face, Frozen is a knitted jumper for your mood. Let it go as you spray the uplifting power of neroli and grapefruit fragrance onto your skin and create your own perfect fairytale ending."

Snow Fairy is like the smell of you stuffing your face with everything worthy of your attention found in the fridge on a cold, unfriendly night,

"A little bit of what you fancy does you good. This fairy tale fragrance smells like sugar and spice and all things nice - prepare to unleash clouds of candyfloss, caramel, jelly and ice cream with every spritz. Snow Fairy usually hibernates during the summer, but this indulgently sweet perfume brings a touch of Christmas out to play whenever you fancy it."

29 High Street was designed to break the last remaining barrier between you cruising on the Internet and a Lush store, namely, the smell of shopping in on of their brick-and-mortars, Poole especially,

"Named after our very first Lush shop in Poole and formulated to smell just the same! Layer by layer the perfume reveals itself; a waft of tonka here, the aroma of lime there. A must-have for any lover of Lush, especially if you live miles away from a shop - just spray, close your eyes and pretend you're there!"

Available in 30 ml from December 3, 2015.

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