Maison Margiela Lipstick On (2015) {New Perfume}

lipstick_on_margiela.jpeg Maison Margiela introduced a new perfume in their Replica series, which is interested in reproducing the atmospheric smells of the world, with Lipstick On, the scent of it in Chicago ca. 1952, which sounds both awefully precise and awefully vague...

- vague enough to let you daydream.

Another trait shared by the scents in this library is that they do not pretend to be disconcerting and surprising, but rather "familiar".

Descriptors used are "night blush" and "rice powder".

The blend is a powdery perfume highlighted by green galbanum,

"The intimacy of an apartment, a graceful woman getting ready.
The softness of rice powder on her skin. And the scent of lipstick.
The faceted powdery concrete of Iris is highlighted by the crunchy green notes of Galbanum.
The elegant floral heart adorns with the sensuality of the Vanilla and Tonka Beans reminding of make up rituals, lipstick wax and loose powder."


Top Notes: Bergamot oil, Heliotrope accord, Neroli oil
Heart Notes: Orange flower absolute, Iris concrete, Galbanum oil
Base Notes: Tonka bean absolute, Vanilla Bourbon extract, Patchouli Oil

It is perfumer Daniela Andrier of Givaudan who usually composes the perfumes in this collection. She has also created in the past a very similar lipstick fragrance for Prada, on the face of it, Prada Essence No. 14 Rossetto.

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