Givenchy eaudemoiselle Rose à la Folie (2016) - Dainty Treats are In {New Perfume}

Givenchy_eaudemoiselle_rose_folie.png Givenchy are adding a new chapter to the eaudemoiselle story-telling over the years, starting with the original eaudemoiselle in 2010, thanks to eaudemoiselle Rose à la Folie...

As its name indicates, the fragrance is destined to those who are crazy about roses. For the brand, they envision the opus as the perfume of a "modern Baby Doll." They also promise a "profusion of roses."

The eau de toilette includes notes of Tanghulu, a Chinese sweet - originally candied hawthorn berries - here the scent of small caramelized apples. Like the new canelé-based perfume by Victoria's Secret, it's about a petite, bite-sized pastry. We're sensing a trend. Does that mean gourmands are dwindling - or is it just a search for new, bite-sized treats, other than macarons?

The varietal of rose honored here is tea rose. The lingering ending note of the composition is musk.

If you'd like to find other tea roses, you'll find other tea rose scent suggestions here.

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