Mancera Wild Cherry - Highjacking the Scent of Cherries (2016) {New Perfume}


Can cherries growl? Maybe Mancera have an answer to that aesthetic, olfactory conundrum.

Mancera, a sister brand to Montale Parfums reputed for their intensity and Middle-Eastern touch, have just released a new fruity perfume called Wild Cherry in the Wild Collection, hence the leopard print on the bottle. This is an exclusive to the Montale boutique in Paris...

While it might appear a bit surprising to see a whole upscale composition dedicated to the simple cherry fruit, a lure seen more habitually in perfumes for young people, this fruit note has famously marked some so-called "niche perfumes"; People of the Labyrinths, Serge Lutens Rahat Loukoum or Louve, and even the ambitious L'Heure Bleue by Guerlain have weaved cherry as a note signalling sophistication.


We think a "niche" perfume ought to be defined by the ambition of its composition goals and its more polarizing, trenchent choices - not by price tags and sleek designs.

More recently, Guerlain again, have reappropriated for themselves that pretty cherry note in their library of scents La Petite Robe Noire.

To date, if it has proven to be a popular and even mass note, cherry can thus nevertheless boast a tradition of off-the-mainstream-radar perfume blends, which have defied the odds of coming across as overly trite and pedestrian.



Available only at 68, Rue Pierre Charron - 75008 PARIS

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