Demeter Baby Shampoo (2016) {New Perfume}

Demeter_Baby_Shampoo.jpg Demeter Fragrance Library just launched a new perfume inspired by nostalgia called Baby Shampoo, which is technically the replica of that scent from a well-known brand, which can trigger a flood of reminiscences in you if your mama used that shampoo, that one there we're talking about...

"With Demeter's Baby Shampoo, be transported back to the most relaxing, carefree tie you can imagine, and smell great at the same time!"

You can decide to smell lie Tootsie Rolls or clean soapy suds for travelling in time back to childhood.

Demeter are known for their cataloguing instinct in the world of fragrances. Nearly nothing is off limit and the world is their fragrant oyster, which gave a perfume for instance called Lobster "with a hint of drawn butter".

They're fun, eccentric fragrances with a tendency to not last very long, almost as if they were more for smelling than wearing.

Via press release

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