Maître Parfumeur & Gantier Launch Taraka Tradition & Parfums with Seven Fragrances (2016) {New Perfumes}


Taraka Tradition & Parfums Debuts with Seven Fragrances

French niche house Maître Parfumeur & Gantier launched a new sister brand baptized Taraka Tradition & Parfums with an initial offering of seven perfumes : Deep deep in the Baltic, Desert nights to remember, Longevity of life, Mediterranean breeze, Sakura blossom in Curitiba, The great battle in the garden, Two senses combined in one...

The collection is named Dear Diary as the lineup aims to associate closely the art of olfaction with that of memory. This is nothing new but once in a while a new library of scents appears with an explicit program to underline the deep connection which exists between smells and memories.

It is also an artistic manifesto inspired by Picasso's words that the art of painting in particular - and art in general we can surmise - is a variation on the practice of keeping a diary.

According to the label,

« Dear DIARY is an artistic perfume line that was carefully created with specific memories in mind. It is a medley of scents that relate the present to places, people and times in the past. »

They further stress that they used « high quality materials to deliver a specific meaning »

If as human beings we do remember most spontaneously thanks to the 5th sense, however that capacity can be cultivated and so,

«The line was created to stimulate the great human mind's ability of association which takes the receiver of these scents to the same place and at a specific time. The great Picasso once said « Painting is just another way of keeping a Diary ». He decided to capture a moment in life and translate it into art and we decided to translate these memories into scents.»

The eaux de parfum are housed in smoky glass bottles imitating book shapes, a trend in perfume packaging illustrating the idea that fragrances tell stories, just like literary texts, and are artistic expressions rather than just splashes of aromas. One can see here also no doubt an influence from the art of perfume blogging in as much as it shows affinities with that of the diarist.

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