Kenzo to Launch a New, Art-Directed Fragrance in the Fall {Fragrance News} {Fashion Notes}


Kenzo's New Inspiration

The house of Kenzo are putting their duo of art directors - Carol Lim and Humberto Leon co-founders of Opening Ceremony - at the forefront of their creative scene with a new fragrance to be issued in September 2016...

The composition is destined to women. This marks a new step in the vision of the fashion house which so far relied most on the perpetuation of lines such as Flower by Kenzo and Amour. It is also a novel approach on their part to entrust explicitly a fragrance development project to their art directors.

Carol Lim and Humberto Leon revealed a priori a designer angle when envisioning the future scent putting the stress on perfume as a reflection of a woman's psyche, rather than as an independent art object,

« The Kenzo woman is a free-spirited woman, someone who has full mastery of her capacities. She is a strong woman who knows exactly who she wants to be. »

On November 3, 2016 this styling of femininity by Kenzo's art directors will also be on show thanks to the brand's collaboration with H & M for an ephemeral sartorial collection.

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  1. The perfume will be named Kenzo World. It's in the eye-shaped bottle, looks weird and unique.


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