Juliette Has a Gun Into The Void (2016) ≈ Gravity Perfume {New Fragrance}

Juliette_has_a_gun_into_the_void.jpg Juliette Has a Gun Into the Void Eau de Parfum

French niche brand Juliette Has a Gun launched a new unisex fragrance in the Luxury Collection called Into the Void...

"The poetry of the universe caught in a bottle. A mysterious liquid creating an irresistible attraction. Welcome into the void..."

The woody floral centers on a black orchid note surrounded by a host of dark, thick, woody ones. The scent is said to contain dark energy. The woodsy notes are not just woodsy but ultra woodsy, just like one talks about ultra marine.

The concept of the perfume is that the floral black orchid can be felt more than really be perceived, just like for gravitational pull. Its presence is essential to the equilibrium of the composition yet it can at times disappear literally from sight, i.e., obvious perception.

The « woods » are gaïac, papyrus, cedarwood, patchouli, to name a few. Tonka bean and licorice add edible nuances. Black orchid, a fantasy accord, flickers throughout the scent, we are told.

SRP is 230€ for 75 ml.

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