Lancôme Aims Higher with Six Grands Crus Haute Parfumerie (2016) {New Perfumes}


Lancôme Aims Higher with Six Grands Crus Haute Parfumerie

Lancôme will launch a new collection of six perfumes from September 2016 called Grands Crus Haute Parfumerie. The scents in it are called Tubéreuses Castane, Jasmins Marzipane, Lavandes Trianon, Ôud Ambroisie and the re-edited L'Autre Ôud and Ôud Bouquet...

The library uses superlatives borrowed from the vintner and fashion worlds to convey a renewed sense of exclusivity and luxury...

Tubéreuses Castane is a gourmand white floral created By Shyamala Maisondieu,

"It's all about balance. I had to find the right harmony between pleasure and refinement, addiction and elegance."

Main notes are Tuberose Absolute, Tuberose Distillate, a Roasted Chestnut accord, and Venezuelan Tonka Bean.

PRICE: $185.00

jasmins_gif Jasmins Marzipane is a woody white floral By Dominique Ropion, which no doubt will call to mind a comparison with Thierry Mugler Alien,

"The fragrance stands out with its lively yet enveloping femininity, making its trail deliciously irresistible."

Notes are Sambac Jasmine Absolute, Grandiflorum Jasmine Absolute, an Almond Wood accord, Bourbon Vanilla Extract, creamy Sandalwood, Cashmeran Wood and Musks.

PRICE: $185.00

Lavandes Trianon is a gourmand aromatic floral composed By Olivier Gillotin & Shyamala Maisondieu

"This fragrance is a fresh gourmand. It suggests refreshing sensuality, like skin in the sun."

Notes are Fine Lavender Essence, Lavender Absolute, Crystalized Vanilla, Madagascar Vanilla, "hot milk" and "cooked sugar" to recreate the aromas of a crème brûlée.

PRICE: $185.00

Ôud Bouquet is a woody oriental re-edition By Fabrice Pellegrin

"Ôud Bouquet is a narcotic and sensual rose. It draws its mysterious depth from the heart of oriental wood and its strength from warm, captivating spices."

The blend features a trio of bold woods - composed of 20-year-old Oud Wood, smoky Guaiac Wood and Copahu Wood. There is also a Praline Rose accord resting on Centifolia Rose Absolute, Vanilla and a Praline accord.

PRICE: $195.00

Ôud Ambroisie is a gourmand woody floriental By Ilias Ermenidis

"Oud Ambroisie is a delicious nectar of roses."

Notes are an Oud Essence extracted from 20-year-old wood, Virginia Cedar Wood Essence, Patchouli, a Honey Rose accord resting on a Damascena Rose Infusion and Essence, and Provence Honey ;

PRICE: $195.00

L_autre_oud_gif L'Autre Ôud is a woody floriental re-edition By Christophe Raynaud

"L'Autre Ôud swings between oud wood and rose, light and shadow, strength and sweetness, masculinity and femininity."

The scent of oud here rests on « 17 hand-picked raw materials that recomposes an Oud Wood with incomparable complexity. » Notes are Cypriol, Myrrh, Damascena Rose, Saffron, and Frankincense. Review here.

PRICE: $195.00

Despite the high luxury focus of the new collection, the olfactive choices point to a quest for popularity rather than a sense of research of rare, elitist accords. Gourmands, sweet and oud notes make certain there is no disruption experienced between what can smell more refined and what can smell familiar.

Via Beauty Fashion Fragrance

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