Britney Spears Private Show (2016) {New Fragrance} {Celebrity Perfume}

Britney_Spears_Private_Show.jpeg Britney Spears Private Show Eau de Parfum

American pop singer Britney Spears launched a new fragrance for women called Private Show which is about innuendos and sexiness while being inspired by the performer's taste for several favorite things...

She told Entertainment Online that the scent mirrors her "love of dulce de leche, white florals and iced coffee, »

But lest you might be led to think this is just a sweet respite, Spears is quick to emphasize that just like her eponymous song which she is promoting at the same time, the fragrance conveys a medley of feelings that are meant to be inspirational for girls,

"Private Show is inevitably a sexy song and it promotes feeling sexy and girls feeling alive and I think that's fun for girls," she shares, adding, "I think the scent definitely has a combination of all those things."

The edp has notes of iced Frappuccino, clementine, juicy nectarine, dulce de leche, orange flower, jasmine sambac, luminous amber and sensual musks.

The song you can listen to below,

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