Chantecaille Le Wild (2016) {New Fragrance}


Chantecaille Le Wild Eau de Parfum

Beauty brand Chantecaille launched a new perfume for women called Le Wild, a reference to founder Sylvie Chantecaille's love of the wilderness in Africa - and in Kenya in particular, to where she often travels to recharge herself spiritually...

The composition centers on a note of wild Brazilian gardenia which is said to be different, more intense than that of garden gardenias.

Chantecaille told department store Barneys blog, The Window that,

"It was inspired by the wild gardenia found in Brazil, and it starts off very crisp. We started with the leaves, which really gives the fragrance a fresh opening. Then, we went into the depth of the petals, which leads to the intoxicating heart. I love white flowers. Sometimes they can come across like a classic 1940s style fragrance, but this one, to me, is more how I am feeling at the present. It's a modern classic, and it has vibrancy and an energy that is unique. Le Wild is giving me a renewed energy to look at our fragrance business with altogether fresh eyes."

The label already offers a series of white florals such as Tiaré, Frangipani or Jasmine. They are nothing if not consistent in their artistic direction. There is however a promise of primal intensity directly linked to the history of the African continent - and that of humanity.

« The first time I was in Kenya, I was walking very close to the place where the remnants of the very first human woman were discovered. I felt so strong and so centered, like I've never felt before. »

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