Molyneux to Re-Launch its 70s Fragrance Vivre (2017) {New Perfume}


French perfume house Molyneux, which is part of the Berdoues group, will re-introduce one of its best-known perfumes, Vivre, which initially was released in 1971 as a chypre...

Judging from the list of notes, the Vivre of 2017 will most certainly not smell like its forebear. It appears to be more of a recycling and re-branding event, one in which a once famous name is getting re-used.

A 1972 advert for the original Vivre by Molyneux

The flacon loses its jagged topper and base in favor of a much more inoffensive and consensual look influenced by Cacharel Chloé's gros-grain ribbon. Incidentally, Chloé is a good example of a recycling of a once-famous perfume name by the same house, which managed to first smell of an opulent tuberose soliflore before getting served today as a woody rose.

The new composition features notes of peach peel, plum and blackcurrant in the opening, with a heart of Jasmine sambac, lily-of-the-valley and rose; the base is wholly Oriental with notes of sandalwood, tonka bean and vanilla.

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