Serge Lutens Taps Visual & Interactive Marketing with Filters, a GPS and an Oculus {Perfume Images & Ads}


Serge Lutens, with Filters, a GPS and an Oculus

Perfume art director Serge Lutens is also a photographer (and a hairdresser, and a makeup artist). Thanks to a new initiative launched by the brand, you can now immerse yourself in the Lutens universe not just with fragrance, but also thanks to visual stimulation originating from a photo app baptized « Perspective Serge Lutens » - and an Oculus...


The App

A collection of 20 graphic symbols as well as plays on perspective can be added onto your photos. You're invited to take a stroll in the gardens of Palais Royal by which the flagship Parisian boutique is located. You won't be left alone to take your walk, as it's been designed to be interactive thanks to a digital compass.

Use #perspectivesergelutens on Instagram and Facebook to feature your pics.

The app is available in Itunes and on Google Play.

The Oculus

Alternatively, or if you wish to prolong the experience, you can visit the store to be treated to a session of 3D virtual reality in which, all of a sudden, Paris morphs into Marrakech - where the brand founder resides - making Serge Lutens himself appear a few times.

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