City Moods ≈ Climats urbains // Apache {Paris Street Photography}


City Moods ≈ Climats urbains // Apache // Street Art © CHANT WAGNER 2017

A January view of Paris at night, under the rain. This graffiti makes you think of the early 20th century movement which defined the type of the "apache", a kind of 1900 French bad boy who operated in gangs, wore a distinctive outfit and gave birth to a highly stylized type of dance...

Prada used the Apache sub-cultural reference when they launched the fragrance Candy in 2011. You can watch a Jean-Paul Goude interpretation of an Apache dance in the post.

To match this Parisian mood, you could wear a classic like Bandit by Piguet, or a more recent opus like Bulgari Black. The glamorization of low lives and mean streets is a fertile source of inspiration for perfumery.

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