Peperami Porc for Men Animeau de Toilette (2017) {New Fragrance} {Men's Cologne}


British food brand Peperami, specializing in spicy sausages and "meaty banter", has released its debut fragrance for men called Porc for Men, an "Animeau de Toilette" - a first of its kind, with the implication that the cologne smells quite animalistic to the nose...

The limited-edition scent, to be launched on Wednesday, reportedly features an accord of "exquisitely porky musk."

'Sexy and seductive, Porc is a tantalising treat for the senses, perfectly encapsulating the very essence of meaty masculinity,'


The "animeau de toilette" (animals in French cf. "animaux") has a face, that of Kirk Norcross from Towie.

The operation is a marketing effort aimed at rewarding fans and attracting attention to the brand. The perfume will not be sold, just distributed gratis to those who will make it to Blue Inc, or participate in social media competitions.

We'll tag this fragrance as another one of those dishevelled and playful "why-not perfumes", which like to show the world that anything odd can be bottled. Also, the movie Sausage Party might be an influence. And by the way, it might just be a matter of choosing the right communication angle, as some leather fragrances can smell like edible, savory meat.

Via Metro UK; The Sun; Twitter/Peperami

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