Magnolia in Paris // Magnolia à Paris {Paris Street Photography}

Magnolia_a_Paris.jpg Happy Spring! Happy Nowruz!

When the air becomes lighter and more caressing - you know springtime, spring for real and good, spring meant to last - and not just to tease you - is just around the corner...

But this is gray Paris - Paris la Grise qui grise (just made this one up, "Gray Paris which inebriates") - so even when a magnolia tree blooms, it's against a backdrop of grays and smoky whites.

What is your favorite magnolia perfume? Which one you'd like to see reviewed?

Do you want to play a little game? How would you scent this pic? (even without a magnolia scent.)

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  1. I am always looking for a perfume that smells like the pink Japanese magnolias in your lovely photo -- and in my neighborhood! Most magnolia scents seem to be based on magnolia grandiflora, the evergreen Southern magnolia whose scent is a heavier, white flower. I'm looking forward to the upcoming new Jo Malone, Star Magnolia, as that is at least a deciduous spring magnolia. If anyone can suggest a pink magnolia fragrance, I would welcome that.

    Old Herbaceous
    • Thank you for your comment so suggestive of spring. Also looking forward to that new magnolia scent. I like Love of Pink by Lacoste which has a pink magnolia note.

      Chant Wagner

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