The Body Shop White Musk L'Eau (2017) {New Fragrance}


White Roses, Jasmine & Musk

White Musk L'Eau Eau de Toilette by The Body Shop

The Body Shop is proposing a new twist on their classic White Musk (1981) this spring of 2017 named White Musk L'Eau, which they describe as "your new vegan addiction,"...


It's said to be a fresh and crisp fruity-floral. Emphasis is put on a "cruelty-free musk", which means that contrary to what some may think, it was not harvested from animals. Of course, the opposite would be surprising in this day and age. The majority of marketed musks are synthetic.

"Enjoy our 100% vegetarian and cruelty-free musk, with White Musk L'eau range. For a pure fragrance, try our White Musk® L'eau EDT, sweetened with notes of pear for a deliciously fruity layer that fits effortlessly with the iconic floral blend lily of the valley, jasmine and rose essence."

Made with Community Trade alcohol, sustainably distilled from sugarcane in Brazil

Available in 100 ml/60 ml/30 ml EDT.

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