Montale Parfums The New Rose (2017) {New Fragrance}{Men's Cologne}


Courtesy picture © Montale Parfums

Montale Parfums has a new rose perfume in town; it's called The New Rose, a provocative name for a very old acquaintance of perfumery, especially a couple of millenia later...

The unisex eau de parfum showcases Bulgarian rose blending with the freshness of italian lemons and fruits such as a "delicious" peach, but also raspberry and blackcurrant. Vanilla and sandalwood anchor the floriental scent.

Price: 115€ for 100 ml.

The house is reputed for its rich, decadent blends - and there is even the option to buy them in intensified versions. If you'd rather drown in a vat of rose essence than wear a breathy whisper of rose petals, you know where to go do your shopping.

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