Fragrance News: Lutens Chypre Rouge, Givenchy "Bourgeois", Perles de Lalique, AP Eau Emotionnelle



•Although Serge Lutens Chypre Rouge Haute Concentration is officially slated to be released in September-October 2006, it will be available in a few specialized perfume stores in Paris by the end of July. A 15 ml purse atomizer will be offered with the purchase of your Chypre Rouge bottle since this is a Haute Concentration perfume.

•A new fragrance is in the works at Givenchy; it is inspired by the daughter of French Prime Minister, Marie de Villepin. It has been tentatively called Bourgeois.

•Perles de Lalique, a floral chypre, is slated to come out in May or June 2006 in both edp and extract concentrations. The design of the bottle is inspired by a creation by Rene Lalique, la boite a poudre Cactus. The bottle for the extract will be in crystal. Notes are: rose, black pepper, iris, patchouli, Cashmere wood...

•A new Agent Provocateur fragrance called Eau Emotionnelle will be introduced in June 2006 in Great Britain. It has notes of pink pepper, wine dregs, white tea, osmanthus, cedar wood, musk...



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  1. All very interesting news. I'm particularly excited about Chypre Rouge, though I doubt anything could improve upon the Lutens chypre rouge I'm wearing today: Rose de Nuit. :)

  2. Do not despair and have faith in the superlative creative powers of the inconmmensurable Serge!

    I thought this piece of news might give some ideas to some ladies I know for organizing a let's-lay-our-hands-on-an-early-bottle-of-Chypre-Rouge-plan:)

    It will be particularly interesting and historical an event too, as this will be his first firts fragrance to come out after the end of his collaboration with Chris Sheldrake.

    Mimi Froufrou
  3. Hee, "Bourgeois." Look at you Givenchy, with the sense of humor! Whodda thunk it? And it's so fitting, given LVMH's history of middle-classifying their "luxury" range. I have this thing about the Givenchy house for some reason, so I'm quite looking forward to that one.

  4. Yes, you're right, this name ought to be seen as revealing Givenchy's sense of humor otherwise it would be a terribly boring and stifling name. It would make me feel like I've eaten a heavy pudding each time that I look at the name on the bottle.

    Mimi Froufrou

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