Perfume History & Facts: Muguet by Guerlain


This year, in April 2006, the Guerlain perfume house released an extremely limited edition of a new fragrance called "Muguet" (Lily of the Valley) created solely for the purpose of marking the celebration of the 1st of May 2006. It is a reinterpretation of the original "Muguet" by the same house which was introduced 100 years ago, in 1906. Only 190 bottles were released for just one day, on April 29, and were exclusively sold in the Guerlain stores in Paris. The price was 130 Euros for a 30 ml bottle. Muguet was composed by Jean-Paul Guerlain. The bottle was made in a Louis the XVI style.

Notes include lily of the valley, jasmin, Turkish rose, lemon, and sandalwood. 


You can still be part of its history; a bottle is available on eBay for $299-350. 

The new version of Muguet

The old version of Muguet 


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  1. Can you believe that I had the opportunity to purchase this, but passed?

    Lily of the Valley is not my favorite floral scent, and for some stupid reason which remains unknown even to myself, I just could not muster up the excitement--or my credit card. :)

    I eagerly await, however, the re-issue of Sous Le Vent!


  2. Given the fact that it was a very limited edition, I'm surprised it didn't cost more!

    Ah well, the world is full of perfumes, you can't buy them all:). Moreover, you have another Guerlain to look forward to;)

    Mimi Froufrou
  3. It does sound lovely, doesn't it?

    I am also looking forward to Sous le Vent.

  4. Awesome blog. Peace out until next time TabathaOster

  5. Does anyone know where I can get a refill candle,Guerlain Bois des Indes? thanks,Jenny

  6. You can get Guerlain Bois des Indes candle at

    • Thank you

      Chant Wagner

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