Scented Paths & Fragrant Addresses: The Ultra Peau Exhibition, Roger Hiorns, Barfumista


•A very interesting exhibition is currently taking place in Paris devoted to a renewal of our perception of skin. For instance, a sort of wall-skin called "emotional skin" has been designed so that people can see it move or blush when they touch it. Artists comment on their visions of skin on videos and the visitors are invited to watch them, lying down on a mattress. The relationship between skin and identity is explored. And last but not least, a section of the exhibit is devoted to how the skin smells depending on the state it is in, for instance, depending on how soft or dry it is. The exhibit runs at the Palais de Tokyo from April 25 to June 21 2006.

Ultra Peau 

•British sculptor Roger Hiorns, well-known for his use of scents in his sculptures, is currently holding his first major exhibition at the Milton Keynes Galllery. It runs from April 8 to May 28 2006.

Milton Keynes Gallery 


•A new niche scent boutique may open in New York city by the end of the year according to Cosmetic news. It will be a branch of the already existing Barfumeria in Spain. The owner, an American, is hoping their planned move will come through. You can check their site in Spanish:



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  1. The Ultra Peau--I guess it's sort of a good thing that they're doing--I'm not into nude photography just because it's nude photography but an exhibit like this definitely pushes the envelope of how we perceive beauty which isn't just skin deep.

    Scent sculptures sound fascinating and I'd like to check out Barfumeria when it hits NY.

  2. Yes, I would like to experience such an exhibit too:) (the scented sculptures)

    Ultra Peau made me think how closely related or interconned might be our representations of both skin and scent in our societies.

    Mimi Froufrou
  3. That's deep, Mimi. I think you're right--and if I may add another tangent, I feel that there are many scent-based stereotypes to go along with the color typecasting that need to be broken as well. It brings to mind the way deeper fragrance notes are marketed. I often wonder how oversimplified concepts such as dark = evil, light = good translates into our scented world on a larger scale. How do Japanese people smell? How do thin people smell? Hopefully this art exhibit will shake us all up and help us be more real with one another. Atleast I am hoping awareness would be one of its goals.


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