Scented Quote of the Day, from Victoire Gobin Daudé:



"Retro perfumes put us back in touch with who we are at the deepest level, and for this reason they are of great value. (...) In the face of contemporary uniformity, they offer the imagination of a fragrance, their tenacity upon the skin, their capacity to surprise, their evolving notes...they place a bet on personality"


April 28, 2006 

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  1. What a great quote.

    Too bad her fragrances have been discontinued here in the states. My bottle of Sous les Buis is getting low.


  2. Glad you enjoyed it. I hear she's preparing two new fragrances, names undisclosed.

    Mimi Froufrou
  3. Ay, a wonderful quote, and then in the comments some excellent gossip - cool. I so see where's she is coming from. I, too, like those retro feeling scents partly for the reasons she mentions, and partly because in a way, they actually smell so "new" to me due to all the minimalism that seems to be going around like a rash lately.

  4. Minimalism is a polite way to put it. I would call it mediocrity.

    It's sad to cater to the lowest (imagined) common denominator this way. But I'm conforted by the thought that the non-descript fragrances usually end up where they belong, in the cemetery. This is what short-sighted business men and women obtain as a result of the minimal efforts that were put into the conception of these fragrances.

    Mimi Froufrou
  5. I followed a link from Andy's blog and got here!

    Such a coincidence that today I have been wearing Biche dans l'Absinthe.

    I will be glad when Victoire and Christophe get a financial backer and then we can sniff the new scents.

    Prince Barry

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