Fragrance News: Exciting New French Perfume Line to Debut in September, Etat Libre d'Orange


WWD has announced the creation of a new line of fragrances called Etat Libre d'Orange (Free State of Orange) which will be introduced in France in mid-September 2006. The name is an allusion to a former independent republic located in contemporary South Africa whence the founder of the new line, Etienne de Swardt, originates. The concept of the brand appears of striking irreverence and originality as well as conveys a philosophical flavor reminiscent of the movement of libertinage in 18th century France. According to de Swardt, the line is "an homage to olfactory freedom". The line even has a motto, "Le parfum est mort, vive le parfum" in reference to the ritualistic formula pronounced at the death of a king and proclaiming at the same time the inception of a new reign...


The perfumes which were created in collaboration with several noses from Givaudan visibly seek to create or recreate surprising and unusual olfactory associations as well as titillate the imagination with evocative and original names. The line comprises fragrances such as Putain des Palaces (Whore of the Palaces) by Nathalie Feisthauer, Jasmin et Cigarette (Jasmine and Cigarette) by Maisondieu, Encens et Bubblegum (Incense and Bubblegum), Vraie Blonde (Real Blonde), and Magnifiques Sécrétions (Magnificent Secretions) by Antoine Lie, the latter a reference to human secretions. Jasmin et Cigarette is based on an olfactory association that Maisondieu experienced during a love affair whose memory he has been carrying with him for 20 years. De Swardt gave carte blanche to the perfumers to use any notes or ingredients they wished, regardless of costs. (Note: This last statement is so often reiterated these days that one may start wondering if it is anything more than a stereotype and a selling line.)

Etienne de Swardt has already demonstrated his predilection for innovative concepts as he is one of the founders of the Oh My Dog! scent targeting man's best friend. 

Three sizes of eau de toilette spray will be available, "100 ml. for 59 euros, or $74 at current exchange rates; 50 ml. for 39 euros, or $49, and 30 ml. for 27 euros, or $34." They will be sold in a new freestanding store located 69, rue des Archives in the Marais, one of the hippest and most artsy neighborhoods of Paris.

Source: Women's Wear Daily

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  1. Gosh, I hope they will be available in the States too! I would love to try Putain des Palaces, Jasmin et Cigarette and Vraie Blonde. I am little scared of Magnifiques Sécrétions :-)

  2. They do say that they *might* use their website as an etailer site in the future. A few supplications are in order:)

  3. Wow. I honestly don't know what to say but one thing I know - I will not be smelling Magnificent Secretions.

  4. But you must, you must! LOL, this is so unlike you;)

  5. Can any one help me? My perfume was discontinued many years ago and it is getting harder to find a good price for my perfume. I would like to talk to someone or find a chart somewhere that would give me ideas on what to switch to. This perfume smells very different on everyone (as do all scents) but this one complimented my chemistry perfect. All my friends have gone out of their way to find me these coveted last bottles- but again the price is getting to be silly! HELP:)

  6. Logan,

    You forgot to tell us what your perfume was/is:)

  7. Does anyone know where to find Philippe Venet Perfume, Couture Pour Elle? I know it is discontinued.

  8. I have been looking for Couture pour elle too but have not been lucky! Let me know if you find it Marie-Helene. Thanks!


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