Fragrant Readings: Serge Lutens Introduces a New Line of Cosmetics

This is an article that was published in the Sunday Times of 4 June 2006 about a new make-up line introduced by Serge Lutens. Beauty according to Lutens:

Line of Beauty 

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  1. "The lipstick is small, detailed and precise, cut like a precious stone.” Hehe. Serge is a funny guy. I mean, pretty brilliant, but still - hee! I mean for his eyeliner he says: "This product has been developed with 40 years’ reflection.” Wow. Four decades of thinking devoted to eyeliner. Man. Has he got some spare time on his hands, I can barely muster five minutes just to put it on.

  2. He was fascinated by women's makeup from an early age. One would need to test it to see if there's a felt difference between his line and the products developed in a shorter span of time.


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