Fragrance News: Another New, Upcoming Serge Lutens Perfume, Mandarine Mandarin (Updated)


Serge Lutens who lives in Marrakech, Morocco most of the year was visiting Paris yesterday to present some of his latest products. While Chypre Rouge has not yet been released, another upcoming Lutens perfume has been unveiled called Mandarine Mandarin. It will be introduced in September. Wax samples will be available by mail starting in mid-August. The new fragrance will be part of the exclusive line and will be sold at Salons Shiseido.

Here's an initial description of Mandarine Mandarin: "Peels of mandarins of Sicilia, candied and burnt to the point of making you lose your mind. Black mandarin... musk from Cashmere, clove, an ambergris note exclusively created upon Serge's request! A warm, sensual perfume (not a "citrus"), honey, beeswax...subtle but with a strong personality! Its color is similar to that of Fleurs d'Orangers but with a dash of blue. Update: There are also notes of smoked Chinese tea, thyme, nutmeg, and clove.

A limited edition of 30 flacons decorated with a Chinese dragon painted in a blue ink color will be issued for Christmas. 

Source: Autour de Serge 

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  1. THIS I want to try. Right now.

  2. Doesn't it sound good?

    In case you didn't see it I just added that there are notes of smoked Chinese tea, thyme, nutmeg, and clove.

  3. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaayiiii!

    Tea and spices?

    Serge made it ... for me.

  4. LOL! It sounds like a great fall scent.

  5. Oh, the cruelty; the Mandarine Mandarin is only in the Exclusive range! Why do they torture us so? It sounds simply wonderful.

    The Chypre Rouge will be great too, I am sure but oh that Mandarine!

  6. Yes, me too, I'm more attracted to Mandarine than to Chypre Rouge. And of course, they're making it even more tantalizing!


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