Perfume List: Scents for Father's Day...Out with the Old Spice!


I received this list, "Out with the Old Spice!" from Luckyscent and thought it might help us start thinking about the best-suited fragrances for the dads that you know and love around you. Father's Day is on June 18...

BTW, it might be of interest to know that the iconic masculine fragrance Old Spice was initially released in 1937 as a women's fragrance under the name Early American Old Spice for Women, but was quickly converted to a men's fragrance after just one year and re-issued in 1938 as Old Spice for Men. Initially, the Early American Old Spice for Women purported to develop a feminine colonial theme.

The fathers' types list:

•For the Outdoorsy Dad, opt for Divine's L'Homme de Coeur. With this masculine mix of juniper, cypress, and wild vanilla, he'll be transported to his favorite camping spot with one sniff.

•The Mogul Dad has no time to waste on weak aromas. He'll choose the rich and complex Bursch by Acqua di Bella. It's a deep blend of woody incense and myrrh with aromatic traces of pepper and coriander.

•Your Rock and Roll Dad will jam to the captivating aromas of Dorissima's Narziß, a favorite of Trent Reznor. It's a fresh mix of warm herbs, sweet green, fig leaves, and royal sage.

•The Metrosexual Dad appreciates the finer things in life. Kisu, a brand new scent from Tann Rokka, is a sleek embodiment of Asian traditions, with smooth and exotic hints of cedar, rosewood, and ylang ylang. Jude Law's already wearing it, and your discriminating dad will love it too.

•A Gourmet Dad will devour what you've cooked up when you give him Idole by Lubin, an exotic brew of rum, saffron, sugar cane, and bitter orange peel. His taste buds will tingle with this thoughtful gift.

Photo credit: Mildred Grossman (1916-1988)
Untitled (Father and child at the Pilgrim Prayer March, Washington, D.C., 1957)
Silver gelatin print

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  1. What a wonderful post, Mimi. I love it--and thank you for sharing a great photo by Mildred Grossman as well. You've given me some new ideas: I must get Dorissima's Narziß because someone I know is a huge fan of Trent Reznor.

  2. Oh, oh, I need to try these scents otherwise, I won't be able to hold a conversation with you:) LOL! I mean, I need to try this scent and Reznor's music otherwise, I won't be able to a have a conversation with you:))

  3. Nah, we could just talk about Trent Reznor if you like. ;-D I dig your blog!

  4. Same here:)

  5. ah... memories of days gone by a long time ago. Old spice, father on Sunday morning, a scent I have to go and smell again. Today!
    Thank you!

  6. Me too Andy, I felt that same urge. I will probably swing by CVS sometime today:)

  7. Old spice is also one "featured product" today on Colombina's blog... so funny!

  8. It must be the configuration of the stars:)


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