Perfume Review & Musings: Innocent Summer Flash Eau Malicieuse by Thierry Mugler



Exclusive! The latest summer version of Angel for women is scheduled to launch in the States this summer. As of today, you can only purchase it on certain UK sites and find the occasional flacon on eBay. So here's a preview and a review of Innocent Summer Flash Eau Malicieuse (Mischievous Eau) by Thierry Mugler, the 2006 summer edition...


Innocent Summer Flash is like a fruit cocktail and in particular a berry fruit cocktail that one will feel pleasure, I predict, in sipping at leisure in the heat of the summer. Its number one quality for me is its lovely tartness. The perfume succeeds in keeping the sourness and the tartness alive all along the development of the scent which I consider a technical achievement. So many so-called crisp scents lose that quality mid-course, ending in a heavier drydown, that one may feel truly heartened by the empathy expressed by the perfumer for the estival perfume wearer. Your nose and your mind is awakened in the midst of a sultry day by the sparkly high-pitched notes with candyish undertones and I find the whole composition to be very relaxing, non-intellectual, and pleasant while adhering to high standards of quality. The development of the perfume is rather unilinear but very well balanced; the scent transforms itself gradually into a sexier aroma, more evocative of the skin, and the drydown is superlative. There is a slightly, oh-so-slightly creamier interlude, a whisper really, that may be the sorbet note making its presence felt. The drydown is very long lasting (it will stay overnight), feminine, and sexy while remaining clean and fresh. A great, efficient composition overall.

Last spring I had craved a berry, fruity scent and I ended up testing Molinard Musc and Fruits and then L'Artisan Musc et Mûr. None of those two achieved any satisfactory effect on me. The Molinard started promisingly but ended up smelling mostly of a cheap soapy musk that stayed stubbornly on my clothes even after I did laundry. The L'Artisan fragrance I liked the departure very much, appreciating the spiciness, pepperiness added to the elegant composition, however its lasting power turned out to be nil on my skin (and I think I am not the only one with this problem regarding L'Artisan Parfumeur's fragrances.) So I am glad I can smell of tart berries and light, summery musk.

Top notes: slightly tart note, frosted red fruits; heart notes: fresh notes, a sorbet accord; base notes: white musk, praline.

You can find the perfume for 35 Pounds on as well as on eBay between $50-60.

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  1. I just can't help but snicker at these Flash names. What is an "innocent summer flash?" Is it like a "wardrobe malfunciton?" That'd certainly be malicieuse ;)

    The juice certainly sounds much more lovely than I'd have guessed it would be. Very nice review, H.

  2. Lol, that would be a bit daring! It's true that "flash" has several unpleasant connotations. "Hot flash" too. Without playing upon words I would say that the perfume acts for me like a flash of freshness and that the word "innocent" adequately captures its transparent character.


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