Scented Image: Summer Floral Asphalt

Asphalt, Peeling Paint & Flower Petals © 2006 Chantal-Hélène Wagner

This June summer hour smells of asphalt, slowly wilting flowers, and dust...

It does not really smell of all those things actually

I just can see there in front of my eyes that they might smell like that

Perhaps if I lied down with my nose really close to the ground, they would

But I just like to imagine that they might smell like all those things

Cambridge, MA - June 2006

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  1. Ah, but you don't live in LA, H. It just smells plain funky out here!


  2. Alas R., it rained today and it smelled of wet pavement. LOL, I feel like I've just quoted the name of a Demeter fragrance that would be called "Wet Pavement."

  3. That is an absolutely gorgeous photo! And I have to say I might enjoy the oddness of a "Wet Pavement" scent. I hope the pefumers for Demeter read your blog!

  4. Thank you:)

    I must say it smelled very good -- a red brick pavement after the rain, in the warm summer day, with maybe leaves crushed on the sidewalk under the footsteps of passerbys and the smell of the lawns bordering the street, hmmmm.


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