Fragrance News: Noa Perle by Cacharel


Cacharel is going to release a new women's fragrance called Noa Perle in October of 2006. It succeeds to Noa released in 1998 and Noa Fleur in 2003. The marketing aim of the new campaign is to reach those women who failed to be seduced by the previous Noa scents.The new fragrance purports to refer to a "more sensual brand of neo-romanticism."

The perfume was created by Domitille Berthier and Olivier Polge. It is described as a sparkling composition developing around a voluptuous white peony note, spiced up with pink pepper and rendered fresh and tart by the addition of kumquat and orange blossom. As you may have already noticed, the combination of floral and peppery notes (pink pepper) is very much in vogue these days in women's perfumery.

It will retail in 30 ml, 50 ml, and 100 ml flacons for 34 Euros, 49 Euros, and 73 Euros respectively.


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  1. this is the best perfume i have ever bought. i love it so much. but i ran out of it. and i hate the fact that everywhere i go i can't find it. i've search all around it here in texas but it's no where to be found. so tell me where to go please because i want that perfume in my life again.

  2. You can find it at Their service is very good.


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