The Fifth Sense in the News: An Article about Jean-Claude Ellena



There is a very enjoyable and interesting article on Jean-Claude Ellena in Libération of June 26 2006. We learn personal details about his life, his olfactory likes and dislikes, certain of his odd habits due to his hatred of galaxolide, the pervasive synthetic musk found in detergents these past 30 years. His daughter Céline is also quoted; she explains movingly how her father was not keen on seeing her become a perfumer due to the tremendous pressures of the job. A look at the reality of a perfumer's life behind all the glamour.

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  1. Thank you for this link... interesting article, allowing a glimpse behind big perfumery.

  2. Isn't it an interesting, less conventional portrait of Ellena? I'm glad you enjoyed it. I also hope these days find you under less pressure:)

  3. I appreciate the great links you list! Have a wonderful Friday.

  4. Thanks, you're welcome! Have an excellent end of the work week as well:) I saw that you have to abide by new rules at your office, courage!


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