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Guerlain is issuing a reedition of Mahora (2000) called Mayotte which is part of the collection "Les Parisiennes". The new flacon, a classic Guerlain bee bottle, is different from the original but the juice remains the same. These reeditions usually retail around 140 Euros so grab a discounted bottle of Mahora if you want to smell expensive for less!...

The Mayotte/Mahora perfume is an evocation of the ylang, frangipani, and tuberose plantations found in Mayotte. Jean-Paul Guerlain, the creator of the scent, fell in love with the island in the Indian Ocean, a French overseas territory, and bought a plantation there. It is described as a voluptuous, luscious, and exotic floral. Top notes are neroli and frangipani. Heart notes are tuberose, ylang, and Indian jasmine. Base notes are sandalwood, vanilla, and vetiver.

I was told that another exclusive Guerlain reedition called Quand Vient l'Eté is no other than Terracotta Voile D'Eté, also currently available at several online discounters. The perfume discount market is more developed in the US so seize the opportunity!

Many thanks to Carmencanada for the tip. 

Sources: Osmoz, Women's Wear Daily

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  1. H, do you remember how Mahora smelled? How does it compare to Songes (which I adore!).

    As I recall, Mahora was released in the US with high expectations, but did not sell well at all.


  2. My pleasure...
    Just wanted to add that "Quand vient l'été" is available in eau de parfum, so it's more concentrated than Terracotta Voile d'Eté. As for Mayotte, I'm still waiting for my Mahora edp to make a proper comparison, but Françoise at Guerlain did tell me that Mahora in extrait was even lovelier.
    And Violetnoir, Mahora isn't quite like Songes -- granted, I sampled Songes in winter and Mayotte in summer, but Songes had more of a "soapy" intermediate stage (happens on me with some jasmines). Mahora is all ripe tropical flowers, with a slightly coconutty frangipani top note sliding into ylang-ylang. A hint of vetiver in the base gives it a salty tang. I've never been to the Comoro islands but in my dreams, that's what they'd smell like.

  3. Can anyone let me know of somewhere I can buy Mayotte by Guerlain, I am in the uk and have been told by Guerlain that the only place it is available for me is Paris.


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